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family photos a personal collection.
personal blog here I write about things other than the flower raj.
personal wiki this is a personal wiki, not much in there yet.
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the flower raj the site for travellers & India since wwii.

radio flower raj rare old music & interviews, specialising in Indian classical music.

family scottish, irish, austrian & australian, farmers, viticulturists, headmasters, officials, photographers, correspondents & adventurers.

doings park gardener, world traveller, sanskrit student, doodlebugger, family man, survey consultant, company director, computer programmer, now a retired autodidact.

interests family, friends, matters spiritual, computational & cyberspacial, anime, manga, comix, music (classical, blues, jazz), art (aboriginal, impressionist, tibetan, pre-raphaelite).

web oral history.

links to sites I enjoy & value.

mononoke hime - san on wolf god kimo - paris 2003 padmapani - mahasiddha by r beer compaq 286-20 ykk - alpha & evening vajrasattva - mahasiddha by r beer hasegawa tohaku - pine trees andy turina nico - nyc petra - brighton beach adam, flynn dragons - r beer ad - snig cake udhilipa - mahasiddha by r beer
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